Primal Cravings

620x447xpromo.jpg.pagespeed.ic.kCWuGgwAjVHi All,

I haven’t ever really had the desire to plug a product before, but I must say I am completely blown away by this cook book.

It may not be too obvious from this blog, but Josh and I both endeavor to eat “Paleo” for our general diets.  We have both done a lot of research, and through our own circumstantial evidence, believe it is the best diet choice for our bodies.  During our research, I stumbled upon Health-Bent, a blog with easy-to-make and tasty paleo recipes, many of which I have enjoyed at home and shared with friends with great success.  Due to my fandom of this blog, I was really excited when I found out that the writers would be releasing a cook book.

“Primal Cravings” is everything I hoped it would be, and more.  The recipes are in the spirit of the health-Bent blog – tasty, comforting, and filling.  And every single recipe I have tried so far has come out perfect.  But where I came to the conclusion that this book is a must-own for any paleo enthusiast (or even just anyone who feels adventurous in the kitchen) is their bread recipe.  This isn’t like any other paleo “bread” recipe I have tried – it actually satisfies my deadly cravings for carba-licious, sleep-inducing, tummy wrecking sandwich bread without all of the ill side effects. It might just be a break through in my (and especially Josh’s) Paleo “career” and I couldn’t be more excited.

I have also tried the seafood pot pie (amazing) and their home-made sausage recipes (yum!) so far, and tonight I will be making the Baracoa pot roast (so excited).  If you have a few bucks kicking around, this cook book is definitely worth owning.

Pick it up here:


Primal Blueprint

And here’s a sample recipe from the book:

Gluten Free Cheese Crackers

Seriously, check it out. Do it. Now!

Brick American Eatery (Brunch)

We had the distinct pleasure of trying Brick a few months ago on a whim.  It was a really good whim.  This cute little family-owned joint is in a great part of South Philly, where parking is easy and the folks are pretty friendly, too.

The Drinks

This place has bottomless bloody marys at brunch.  That’s why I chose it, and it was a darned good decision.  The Marys just kept coming (especially because we sat at the bar) and they we tasty. Holly was the only one drinking since I had a caffeine headache so I kept to the coffee which was serviceable, though nothing to write home about.

The Food

Holly: South Philly Skillet

This was the perfect hearty breakfast.  It was full of savory sausage, grilled veggies, and cheese and it all mixed very well.  it tasted like something I would make at home, which usually isn’t appealing to me when i am paying for it in a restaurant, but Brick feels like a place where home-style cooking is exactly what should be served.

Josh: Country Omelet

I couldn’t make up my mind and wussed out on getting the stuffed french toast w/baileys and the chocolate waffles because I was afraid they’d be too sweet so I got this omelet which was good sized and as a bonus came with toast (multi-grain) and little side cup of mixed fruits.

Current Brunch Menu

The Design

Absolutely nothing to praise, but nothing to criticize either really. An approachable place with lots of brick walls (as one might expect).

The Service

They seemed to be fairly busy in the small dining room so instead of waiting half an hour we sat at the bar that had only 2 people at it instantly. The bartender had good service and we got to hear some interesting stories as she talked with her coworkers.

The Receipt

Very affordable. These weren’t the best Bloody Marys ever, but they were bottomless and our food was reasonably priced for the quality and amount we got.

Our Ratings

Drinks: Bottomless Bloody Marys will always get a 5/5

Food: 4/5

Design: 3/5

Service: 4/5

Budget: 4/5

Overall Experience: 4/5

Will We Visit Again?

Maybe.  It was a really cute place.  It will probably be a good place to check out for dinner with friends sometime.

Restaurant Website

International Smokeless BBQ

International Smokeless BBQ

This place is a true cultural experience, deep in the heart of an Asian community in South Philly.  It may not be as easily accessed (travel or cuisine-wise) as China-Town, but it will provide a unique and valuable food-culture experience. It may be hidden away in a strip mall, but it should definitely be sought out by any adventurous foodie.

The Food

International Smokeless BBQ is an all-you-can-eat “Korean” buffet. Now, this definitely is NOT your typical suburban “Chinese” food American gorge-a-thon like we’re used to.  At a Korean-style buffet, the food is brought to you in copious amounts on a large tray, and from there you will choose what bits look best to you.  International Smokeless BBQ takes it a step further as it is a “BBQ” which means that each table is fitted with a gas “grill” in the center, and you cook your own food. If you are a white-y, you are pretty much expected to just order the dinner special, which will offer plenty of tasty items to enjoy. The tray comes to your table with a variety of veggies and marinated beef, poultry, pork, and seafood; along with some already-cooked appetizers like fish balls on a bamboo stick (like a Korean corn-dog) and super crispy fried spring rolls.  Just lube up the grill pan with the provided 1/4 stick of butter and have at it. My personal favorite from the offerings was the calamari, but the beef was also tender and very well marinated. And when you run out, you can get more–it IS a buffet, of course.

Cooking your own Food

Food Cooking at International Smokeless BBQ

The Design

The one thing about this place that was reminiscent of our favorite Chinese food buffets from the suburbs was the decor.  I swear every Asian restaurant buys their chairs from the same catalog, and the faux brush-stroke paintings were in place as well. The ceiling is what set the place apart: It was painted to look like a clouded sky, and in the center a soffit shaped like a heart enclosed another soffit with a cloud-like profile, which then opened to reveal a night sky complete with LED stars. Cheesy? Yes–but absolutely perfect.

The Overall Experience

The best part about this place is how perfect it is for a group outing.  A pile of food is just brought to you on a tray, and you can sit around cooking and eating–which is actually really fun.  There is no pressure, no decisions to make, and everyone is bound to find something they will like.

The Receipt:

The price is 18.99 per person.  For unlimited protein as well as some tasty side dishes and the interesting experience, I would say it’s worth it.

Our Ratings

Drinks: N/A (we were just brought water and were not offered anything else, although there was a “bar” in one corner of the place)

Food: 4/5

Design: 2/5

Service: 2/5

Budget: 5/5

Overall Experience: 3/5  (but it gets lots of points for being unique)

Will We Visit Again: Maybe.  It’s hard to not fall in love with the unique-ness of this place, but we probably won’t venture back unless it is to show it to our friends.