Our Topics

Here at the Philly Survival Guide, we might hit you with a few different topics.  Our goal is to provide you with a well-rounded view of the city and give you the best shot at surviving the mean streets of the ‘delph.

Restaurant Reviews

Josh and Holly will visit a restaurant together (awwwww) and comment on the food, drink, decor, and service.

Rot-Gut Ramblings

As Josh put it: “It’s pretty much just me rambling on about liquor.”  Josh will provide you with reviews, recipes, and general thoughts on alcohol.

Kitchen Capers

Tips and tricks to recreate the restaurant experience at home when budgets are tight or you’re just feeling ambitious.

Neighborhood Finds

Holly, Josh, or the occasional guest poster will tell-all about the best finds in different neighborhoods of the city.  For instance: Where can I get the best Pizza around Drexel?  What is the best Temple lunch truck?  Who really does have the best cheesesteak?

Tourist Traps

You’re a local, but so what?  Your Great Aunt Eunice from Kalamazoo wants to check out the Liberty bell, and maybe she saw a place on Food Network.  “Rachel Ray loved it!”  And so will you, if you can brave the crowds.

Credit Crunch

Take a bite out of your budget with these tips on how to get the best foodie experience for the least amount of moolah.

Events You Shouldn’t Miss

Philly foodie events are many and varied, and we hope you get to experience them all!

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