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Night Market Chinatown
Thursday, October 4th, 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

10th and Race Streets

Come hungry.

Tonight is the last Night market of the season!  What is night market, you say?  It’s supposedly pretty awesome (but we haven’t been, either!)

Here’s the skinny from the Night Market website

With more of the city’s best food trucks
and regional and ethnic restaurants, including…

Night Market debuts 
of Street Food, Birds of Paradise Mobile, Joe Spud’s, Good Spoon
… and more

Great Chinatown finds
including QT Vietnamese Sandwich, Yakitori Boy, Cube Cafe, Vietnam Restaurant
… and more


Your Night Market favorites 
including Gigi & Big R, Los Taquitos de Puebla, Zsa’s Ice Cream
… and more

Plus: Beer from Sixpoint Brewery and
the first chance to taste Philadelphia Distilling’s new
XXX Shine Salted Caramel and XXX Shine LiberTea!

Federal Donuts – 2nd Location Preview!

Stand aside Krispy Kreme, you have met a match that cannot even be met. Philly’s very own quirky chicken ‘n’ donuts joint is opening a second location TOMORROW (10/3/12)! There are no other words but Hawesome.

We have been frequenting the original FedNuts location in South Philly since they opened, and although we will probably continue to visit the original, a new Fednuts will open its doors soon at 16th and Sansom in Center City.  Josh wins everything, so he got chosen to sample some free donuts and chicken during their dry run on October 1st -and since he could “Bring the chicken to his friends, but not his friends to the chicken” I got to wait in the car and cry tears of sadness while he got to shmooze with the coolest fast food place around.  Then I ate the food with him when he came back, so my tears were short-lived.  Here’s what we think of the new flavors!

Turkish Mocha – The fresh donuts are always my favourite because of the texture, and this one was no exception. A great combination of not-too-sweet with chocolate/coffee flavor.

Strawberry Fennel- I didn’t really like this one, and Josh was torn between getting vanilla spice and strawberry-fennel as the 2nd fresh flavor to sample, but ultimately decided to go with strawberry-fennel because it was the more adventurous of the two. Josh enjoys fennel, but not fennel seeds themselves, and thankfully they did not use whole fennel seeds in this, so he throughly enjoyed the sweet and savory combination.

Maple Bacon – The fancy donuts are usually a bit too sweet for my liking, but how could I pass up on a combination of my favorite animal and my favorite sweetener? (I am a Vermonter, after all).  It was not too sweet, thankfully, but I still wish there was more bacon flavor.  Tasty breakfast in a single baked good!

Lemon Bar – FedNuts donuts are always delicious but sometimes their donut aspirations don’t always live up to their inspiration. Lemon bar does not suffer this fate: it had the right balance of sweet lemony flavor with a nice bitter taste at the end just like a real lemon bar. Interestingly, the lemon bar donut was actually less sweet than its bacon-y friend, which we both enjoyed.


We opted for the Cowboy coffee spice blend, which was a great kind of tangy, bbq-esque flavor which went great with the fried chicken.   I can’t wait to try dill pickle flavor upon another venture!  I am excited for the new chicken flavors at the CC Federal Donuts, since we have just about exhausted the menu at the original, and although it’s always good, it’s just not as exciting anymore.  The truth is, we were in a stale relationship with Fednuts, and this new location is exactly what we need to “spice up”(pun intended) our romance.

As always Fednut delivers the tasty.  I wish parking were easier, but this place is going to be bananas when it opens.  Good luck donut-seeking friends who try to get in tomorrow!

Visit their website for more info.

Farewell, Rum Bar!

Sadly, a Philly establishment has closed its doors this week, and we would like to wish them a fond farewell, as we remember the fun that we had during Rum week.

We went to both the Duke’s Surf Bar pop up and the Pineapple social.  Both experiences were fun and delicious, and we wish Adam the best of luck in his future endeavors.  Thank you for assisting us in becoming the foodies we are today all those years ago when we first stepped in your doors.  RIP Rum Bar.

Restaurant Week Returns

Everyone’s favorite cheap date week is back!  Now is the perfect time to try some of our favorite pricier spots!  get out there and have a dining adventure, until Friday!

For More Info:

Participating Restaurants


Philly Rum Week!

August 14-18 is Philly Rum Week, brought to you by one of the places that made us into the foodies you know and love, the Rum Bar. Now, besides the amazingly cheesy feature video where Rum bar’s Adam Kantor burns some shit, rum week sounds like it’s going to have some pretty great events, culminating in the pop-up Duke’s Surf Bar at the Rum Bar on Thursday (which Josh and I are seriously considering taking a day off of work to enjoy) and the Pineapple Social on Saturday (who doesn’t want to enjoy a rum drink in half a pineapple?) .  This may just bring us back to the Rum Bar we once loved.