University City Dining Days

Credit Crunch Alert:

Hey Folks, this is just a quick heads-up that University City Dining Days is coming up–yep, your favourite downtown event just moved out west!

UCity Dining Days

The event features close to 30 restaurants at 3 different price points. for $15, $25, or $30 you’ll get 3 courses and a great, cheap, restaurant experience.

There are some great deals there.  Josh and I will be trying to check out Distrito (5 items for 30 bucks) and Midatlantic (one of our local favourites for its tongue-in-cheek treatment of local favorites, including veggie scrapple and Tastycake bread pudding).  Other places to try include Vietnam Cafe for some tasty Asian fare, and Biba Wine bar, the baby sister to the ever-loved Tria family.

Go forth and enjoy your eats for the cheap!