The Prohibition Taproom

This post will be different than the standard format simply because we’ve gone almost a half-dozen times to prohibition since we found it. This is more of an overview of the food and the place rather than the snapshot-specific views we usually do.

The Drinks
One of my main reasons for us to check out Prohibition (I regularly look for new places on the net) is that they have this thing called the old man drink of the day (OMDD). The OMDD changes daily and is always a hard liquor cocktail made with house spirits and is something that your grandfather likely drank. In addition to having a full bar and mixing the OMDD they have a decent amount of taps (10ish) rotating with local and imports. In addition to the taps, they have a decent bottle list covering the major styles and there should be something for everyone on that list.

The Food

Prohibition offers the kind of food you’d expect from a standard bar with some attempts at referencing America’s industrial past. The burgers are great and the Shepard’s pie is made with cuts of beef rather than the ground beef you find at most places. There are some interesting twists as well. If you are there just for drinks or want an appetizer with your drink before your food comes then you must order the fried green beans. They are lightly fried in the same batter they use for fish and chips and are still crisp. They make a great salt snack to  share since they come out in a big bowl.

Be sure to look out for the grilled cheese sandwich of the day on the board. They mix it up just like the OMDDAdditionally they also do different deserts like pumpkin bread pudding (the most recent time I went) that are really well made and always interesting.

The Design

“Prohibition is…not a pretty place” – Holly. Prohibition looks like a dive bar, but is well kept and has some slight style with fixtures and features that make it look like a combination of a turn of the century saloon and turn of the century factory space.  It might not be much to look at but all of the furniture and the bar layout works well and definitely encourages a focus on the people you go with rather than whats around you.

The Overall Experience

Prohibition sports good service, and a nice, if bare bones atmosphere and is a great place to go when you just want to hit up a regular bar for a beer and a burger. Basic old school bars like prohibition are hard to find (most basic bars are sports bars, “Irish” pubs, or a mix of both) and we were glad to find it. It’s a place you can go with no expectation and still have an enjoyable and relaxing night.

The Receipt

Burgers and other sandwich or salad meals run around 10 bucks. Dinner entrees are all under 20. The beer and cocktails are equally affordable.

Our Ratings

Drinks: 3/5

Food: 4/5

Design: 2/5

Service: 4/5

Budget: 5/5

Overall Experience: 4/5

Will We Visit Again

Definitely. We’ve already been twice.  It’s an easy location to park at, the food is decent and affordable, and the allure of a different old man drink each visit is somewhat irresistible!

Restaurant Website

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Holly and Josh are aspiring foodies with definitive (if not sometimes unfounded) opinions on food, drink and design. Join them in their quest to survive the mean streets of Philadelphia through exploration of the thriving local food culture.

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